Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Many people struggle with back pain at some point, especially those between the ages of 30 and 50. At times, the exact cause of pain is hard to diagnose. This is when prevention is a key factor in minimizing the risk of backaches and injuries. Back pain is the most common reason for people to seek treatment at a chiropractor clinic. Fortunately, there are many lower back pain chiropractor clinics and treatments available.

Signs and Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Several symptoms indicate that you may have a lower back injury. Here are a few:

  • Numbness in the leg or feet
  • A tingling or pins and needles sensation in the legs or feet
  • Burning sensation in the lower back & legs
  • Chronic stiffness in the lower back
  • Difficulty standing in one place for a long time
  • Back or leg pain and stiffness after exercise or activity
  • Dull ache and weakness in the lower back
  • Sudden shooting pains in the lower back or legs and feet
  • Muscle spasms in the lower back
  • Pain or discomfort when coughing, sneezing or bowel movement

The Best Treatment for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain chiropractor treatments are a combination of hands-on muscle therapy, spinal mobilizations and adjustments, physiotherapy modalities, and rehabilitation exercises. The treatment reduces pain and inflammation, and improves the general functioning of the spine and musculoskeletal system. It boosts the body’s own ability to heal. You can find well-trained and experienced practitioners who can help to treat your back pain effectively. With timely and accurate diagnosis, these chiropractors can help you to get back to what you love doing and prevent your back pain from becoming a life-long ailment.

Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Treatment for Long-Term Relief

Once you start treatment for a back injury, avoid discontinuing the treatment until the pain is gone and your function has returned to one hundred percent. Usually, chiropractic treatments start off with a higher frequency of therapy, followed by a gradual reduction, according to your progress. As you get better and heal, the visits are spread further and further apart. However, not everyone responds to treatment the same way. For some, it may take many sessions of therapy, while for some, it may be a quicker process. Treatment sessions generally include a variety of techniques to help maximize your recovery. Therefore, it is best to adhere to the suggested treatment time frame for long-term relief.

Curl and Stretch

Best 3 Stretches for Low Back Pain

Curl and Stretch

Curl and Stretch

Lying on back, maintain an abdominal hollow, hug knees to chest. Stretch out by bringing hands up over head and straightening the legs out. Slowly return to start position. Stop if the exercise causes pain.

Sets 4-3
Reps: 5-20
Hold: 4-10 sec
Rest: 30-60
5 x/week

Pelvic Rotation - Hook Lying

Pelvic Rotation Lying on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor. Slowly rotate body to one side, about half way to the floor, shoulder blades should not lose contact with the floor. Hold for 3 relaxed breaths, return to starting position, repeat on other side. Maintain an abdominal hollow throughout. Stop if the exercise causes pain.

Sets 4-3
Reps: 5-20
Hold: 4-10 sec
Rest: 30-60
5 x/week

Download our Guide! - Best 3 stretches for Low Back Pain

Cat / Camel

Cat / Camel On hands and knees, let stomach muscles relax and spine sag toward the floor. Neck should be held neutral and stretched long, as if a string was pulling on the top of the head. Hold for 3 relaxed breaths. Next pull the stomach muscles up and in, rounding the spine, letting chin tuck in slightly. Hold for 3 relaxed breaths. Repeat. Move within pain free range of motion.

Sets 4-3
Reps: 5-20
Hold: 4-10 sec
Rest: 30-60
5 x/week

In this video Dr. Maja talks about the exercises that patients can take home and relax the muscle of the back.


How to Prevent Pain & Injury while Shovelling Snow

Helpful Tips to Consider while Shovelling:

Stance: Stand with your feet apart, aligned with your hips, to maintain balance and stability. The ideal footwear is comfortable boots with appropriate traction and grip. This will help protect you from slipping while you shovel.

Grip: Space your hands apart, with one hand on the handle, and the other further down the shovel to increase leverage when lifting the snow.

Shovelling Snow

Technique: When lifting, bend from your knees, not your back. Avoid throwing the snow, and rather walk it to where you intend to drop it.

Posture: Keep your back straight and tighten your core muscles when lifting snow. This will help to protect your back as you lift.

Other tips: Hold the shovel close to your body to protect against muscle strain. For deep snow, try shovelling smaller amounts of snow at a time to avoid over exertion or pulling a muscle.

Lower Back Pain

How a Chiropractor Can Provide Relief from Lower Back Pain?

Low back pain can come in many forms. If you are experiencing a dull ache, muscle spasms, or burning pain that moves from your low back down to your legs, seeing a low back chiropractor may be the answer you have been looking for in order to get some relief.

Low back pain chiropractors are experts that are trained to diagnose and treat conditions related to the musculoskeletal system that can result in low back pain.

Pain in the low back can be a result of either a strain or a sprain. A strain occurs when a muscle in the low back is stretched too far and in the end tears, which can damage the muscle itself. A sprain occurs when over-stretching or tearing affects the ligaments whether it is a strain. Or a sprain, the symptoms and treatments are the same.

The most common causes of a sprain or strain leading to low back pain are:

  • Lifting heavy objects, or twisting while lifting
  • Sudden movements, such as a fall
  • Poor posture over a long period of time
  • Sports injuries

A low back pain chiropractor will use a variety of methods to diagnose and treat your pain. These methods can include muscle work, hands-on spinal manipulation (also known as an adjustment), ultrasound and other physiotherapy modalities, and sometimes a special tool called an impulser, for a more gentle approach.

Seeking help and treatment from a low back pain chiropractor can be beneficial in your recovery from your low back pain. Studies have shown that those who seek treatment from a low back pain chiropractor, have a higher chance of getting back to their normal function, than those who choose to take “the wait and see route”. Avoiding treatment can not only make your low back pain worse, but it can also prolong it and it could become a more chronic condition over time.


How To Keep Your Back Safe This Winter

Up to 69% of North Americans say that low back pain is a regular nuisance in their day to day lives. With winter on its way, coupled with seasonal snow-shoveling and slippery ice, here are a few things you should know before going into hibernation mode.

Stay Active

It’s hard to stay motivated with the cold weather and holiday treats. Give the gift of exercise to your back and stay active. This prevents the joints from seizing up and keeps the muscles supporting your spine from getting lazy. Being in good physical form and stretching regularly can decrease your chance of injury.

Keep Warm

When you feel cold your blood vessels constrict in response in an attempt to conserve heat. As result muscles and ligaments tighten up, which makes your back prone to injury and pain. Wear warm layers when out in the cold and remove them as needed.

Wear Good Shoes

Tis the season of ice and snow! Most injuries in the winter are due to slips and falls. Winter boots with good traction or slip-on shoe spikes decrease your chances of an impromptu skate across the sidewalk.

Seek Out Early Treatment

If you have had previous back injuries or have experienced an injury recently, seek out care as soon as possible. Chiropractic care has been proven to be very effective to help with lower back pain relief. The sooner chiropractic care is sought out after the injury occurs, the more likely you are to recover quickly.

Spinal Pain

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Provide Relief For Low Back Pain?

There can be many causes of lower back pain in patients. Whether it be a sports injury, an automotive injury or discomfort from sitting at a desk for work, a chiropractor can help relieve your lower back pain.

Visiting a chiropractor is a safe, non-surgical way to relieve your lower back pain. Chiropractors believe that the body’s overall health is supported by a well-aligned skeleton, especially the spine. The idea is that a properly aligned spine may relieve pressure placed on nerves, and therefore, relieve some discomfort for you. In order to achieve this, a chiropractor may use alternative techniques to optimize your treatment. One technique that is used by chiropractors is Trigger Point Therapy. This is a technique that addresses tight bands, or knots, within the muscles. The goal of this technique is to release the tension in these knots by using direct pressure and depth.

Another technique that chiropractors can use is called Active Release Therapy, also known as ART. This is a soft tissue/movement based massage technique that is used most often to treat problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Back pain, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome are all conditions that are associated with the overuse of muscles in the body. Overuse of muscles can occur in three ways:

• Acute Conditions (Pulls, Tears, Collisions, etc.)
• Accumulation of Small Tears (micro-trauma)
• Not Getting Enough Oxygen (hypoxia)

When muscles are overused, your body can develop tough scar tissue in the affected area. Scar tissue can cause a lesser range of motion, loss of strength, and even pain. The ART technique can help these conditions by breaking up the scar tissue caused by injury to the affected area.

The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to add movement to joints that are not moving well. By adjusting the joints in the body, you may start to notice that your range of motion improves and the muscles surrounding the affected joints relax. After visiting your chiropractor, you may feel a sense of release from the adjustment, which can be attributed to the release of endorphins in the body.

Using preventative measures such as chiropractic care can help your body in a variety of ways. Not only does it prevent future injuries and illnesses, but it can also promote healing. With less pain and a proper alignment, you can move more freely. Your chiropractor will tailor the treatment and adjustment to your age, size, and specific injury or health issue. Everyone from newborns, infants, children, seniors and even back surgery patients can get adjusted.

Reduce Low Back Pain While Cycling

Reduce Low Back Pain While Cycling

Reduce Back Pain While Cycling
Choosing the right bike for you is the first step… now it’s time to set it up! By making a few simple adjustments, your bike will be a perfect fit. Here are a few tips on how to adjust your bike correctly!

Benefits of Regular Cycling Include

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Decreased stress levels
  • Improved posture and coordination
  • Prevention and/ or management of disease

Riding Position – Everyone is different, so you will need to find a comfortable balance that suits you!

  • You should achieve 3 things – Good contact with the pedals, to maximize your leg power, the ability to reach your handlebars and brakes with comfort, and the ability to put a reassuring foot on the ground.

Handlebar Position – The position of your handlebars is crucial for your comfort, posture, and control of your steering!

  • A good position to start with is with your handlebars at the same height as your saddle. If you prefer a more “head- down” position, lower the bars. If you prefer a more “head-up” position that is easier on your back, raise the bars. These positions can change the “aerodynamics” of your ride.

Saddle Position – Make the most out of your pedal power without straining your body by adjusting your saddle into the perfect position!

  • Some bikes allow you to move the saddles forwards, backward, and adjust the angle. Adjust so that your legs push vertically down on the pedal. Some bikes require an Allen Key to loosen the bolt under the seat, don’t forget to tighten the bolt before trying it out!
  • To find the right height, hop on and put the ball of your foot on the pedal at its lowest point, your leg should be straight. If your seat needs to be higher than the post allows, then you need a bigger bike!

Different Saddles – Make sure your saddle is comfortable, it can make all the difference in the enjoyment of your ride!

  • Women tend to have wider hips than men, so women’s saddles are wider than men’s for the correct fit.

Get Lower Back Pain Treatment by Chiropractor in Burlington

When experiencing back pain, you might want to visit a chiropractor sooner rather than later. A lower back pain chiropractor in Burlington works not only for immediate treatment and pain relief but also for prevention of future injury.

Lower back pain is a very common complaint these days as our lifestyles involve more and more sitting, staring at screens, or long bouts of driving. In fact, eight out of ten adults will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Visiting a lower back pain chiropractor in Burlington can address these issues before they begin or worsen and can equip you with helpful tips to implement into your day.

It is very important to find a highly- recommended, licensed chiropractor in order to find relief from lower back pain. To do so, ask your medical doctor, physical therapist, or other medical professionals for their recommendations. You may also search online for a chiropractor, just be sure to look into their background and read reviews about their work. Many lower back pain chiropractors in Burlington, such as Edgar Family Chiropractic, offer consultations free of charge. During this appointment, you may meet the chiropractor in person and ask any questions about their experience and methods of treatment before committing to an appointment.

During your first visit with a lower back pain chiropractor in Burlington, you will be asked about your medical history, symptoms, and discomforts. A good chiropractor will explain their methods of treatment in great depth to ensure you are fully aware of their technique and will take the time to address any fears or concerns you may have about treatment before it begins.

Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain Chiropractor in Downtown Burlington

The spine is comprised of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles that all work together to provide support, strength, and flexibility for our bodies. The spine and low back, however, are susceptible to pain and injury. The spine is a complex structure that carries heavy loads, absorbs shock, and can even shapeshift to accommodate a growing baby during pregnancy, for example. As a result, low back pain is a very common complaint about the average person, no matter your health or fitness level.

Chiropractic is a natural form of medicine that is dedicated to treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system and nervous system, this includes the spine. A low back pain chiropractor in Burlington will use hands-on spinal manipulation and other therapies such as electrical impulses, acupuncture, and ultra-sound to gently relieve stress placed on the spine and provide proper alignment. Further, a low back pain chiropractor can enhance long term outcomes for a pain- free life.

Opposed to the use of prescription medications or surgery in its treatment, chiropractic is an all-natural form of healthcare that is safe for children and adults alike. Chiropractic care is even safe during pregnancy. Low back pain is a common symptom of the changing body during pregnancy, therefore, it is important to seek relief in order to avoid potential complications during labor. A low back pain chiropractor will use specific techniques to check and correct the alignment of the sacrum, pelvic bones, pubic bones, and ligaments that support the uterus all whilst ensuring the patient’s comfort and safety.

To learn more about how a low back pain chiropractor can help you, contact Edgar Family Chiropractic on Pearl in downtown Burlington.


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