Prenatal massage

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage In Burlington

Registered massage therapy has been used for centuries to improve health as well as reduce stress and relieve overall muscle tension. There are many different specialized forms of massage therapy such as massage therapy for athletes, trigger point therapy and prenatal massage. In particular, prenatal massage can be of great benefit for many reasons!

Benefits of Prenatal Massage

Studies have shown that prenatal massage can help to reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression as well and relieve muscle aches and joint pains. Additionally, Massage therapy has been shown to improve labor outcomes and newborn health!

Swedish massage is a type of massage which aims primarily to relax muscle tension and improve the circulation of both blood and lymph. This type of massage is commonly recommended during pregnancy because it addresses many of the most common discomforts which are associated with both skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts during pregnancy.

Additionally, edema or the swelling of the joints during pregnancy can also be a huge issue for some women during pregnancy. Massage can be very helpful in stimulating the soft tissue to reduce the collection of fluids in these often swollen joints. Another common prenatal complaint is sciatic nerve pain. Often times late in pregnancy, the pressure of the uterus causes tension in the muscles of the upper and lower leg. This causes them to swell and potentially put pressure on nerves that pass through. A massage therapist can work to release the tension in the muscles, thereby reducing the pressure on the nerves. Massage therapy has also been seen to reduce back pain, joint pain, muscle tension and headaches, anxiety and improve sleep. With all of these benefits, what do you have to lose?

At EDGAR Family Chiropractic in Burlington, Crystal Alford is a registered massage therapist, she has many years of experience and specializes in areas of sports injury, motor vehicle accident, acute and chronic neck, and back pain, pregnancy care and work-related injuries.