Baby and Momma Massgae Session

Benefits of Baby Massage:

  1. Improving your baby’s sleep
  2. Stimulating the growth hormone, which can increase daily weight gain, especially in underweight babies
  3. Improving the overall function of their gastrointestinal tract, which can relieve gas and constipation, the top two reasons for a colic baby
  4. Reduced pain from teething with a special facial massage, which in turn releases endorphins to act as a natural pain reliever, and reduces the levels of cortisol, the bodies stress hormone


1-hour massage session with a Registered Massage

(45-minute session for momma and 15 minutes for baby)
$100 +HST


Relaxation for mom postpartum
Relaxation for baby
Tips for mom on how to massage a baby at home
Covered under most extended health care insurance plans

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