Why is Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy Important?

During a healthy pregnancy, women can typically gain anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds. This is a lot of extra weight that is now placed on the spine and the lower back. This extra weight can also place pressure on nerves and arteries of the pelvis and back causing major discomfort for expecting mothers.

Luckily with the help of pregnancy chiropractic care, anatomical adjustments can be made to relieve this pressure and assure that whole body alignment is maintained throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Chiropractic Care can even be beneficial prior to pregnancy as it helps to promote regular menstrual cycles, prepares the body for healthy implantation, optimizes uterine function as well as ensures proper nerve supply to reproductive organs.

During pregnancy, there are many physical changes occurring in the carrying mother’s body. Her posture becomes modified through her shoulders to offset the change in the center of gravity. This change can lead to loss of the curve in the cervical spine, often resulting in headaches. Increased breast size as the mother prepares for lactation adds additional strain to the mid and upper back and can lead to general discomfort in the upper spine. And most obviously, her growing belly creates a forward and downward pull which strains the joints and musculature of the lower back. For all of these reasons among many more, it is a great idea to seek out pregnancy chiropractic care. At Edgar Family Chiropractic we recommend Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy to all of our expecting mothers. If you would like to book a pre-natal chiropractic appointment at the clinic, give us a call at 289-337-1202 or email us at [email protected]


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