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Eighty-eight percent of Ontario Chiropractors report that gardening is the most common source of back pain, therefore seeking treatment from a top Burlington Chiropractor and taking preventative measures are important steps to take during the warm weather season.

Although gardening is a great full- body workout, all the bending, pulling and twisting may take a toll on the joints and muscles. Visiting Edgar Family Chiropractic on Pearl for regular spinal check-ups can support a healthy back and help you learn the right techniques for gardening. Back injuries and stiffness related to gardening can affect anyone but are more common if you do not usually participate in physical activities, you do not practice the right techniques in the garden, or you have a previous back problem.

Your Burlington Chiropractor is a highly educated, musculoskeletal expert and can teach you injury prevention strategies such as warming up your muscles before you start, keeping hydrated and making sure you have the right tools for the task at hand. Additional preventative measures include sharing heavy loads, kneeling to plant/weed and alternating between light and heavy jobs. Taking breaks and changing positions frequently is also important so as to avoid muscle strain and repetition whilst gardening. With careful attention to your body and its alignment, gardening can be a therapeutic and enjoyable experience for all.


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