Benefits of Using Custom Orthotics for the Whole Body

Custom Orthotics Burlington

Your feet are the foundation on which sits your whole body. Weight of the body is transferred down into the feet and forces that are created during activity are transferred from the feet, up the legs and pelvis and into the spine. When a misalignment of a bone in the foot occurs, the misalignment travels up the lower leg and into the spine affecting every joint along the way. In simpler terms, if the foot is not working the way it should, it will affect the overall posture of the body.

For example, if one foot is flat (aka pronated), it will cause a valgus force through the knee (aka “knocked knee). The pelvis will drop down on the side of the flat foot now that the leg has “shortened.” The body, in attempt to keep upright and maintain a balanced centre of gravity will cause the spine to side bend to the opposite side.

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Now queue the back pain, knee pain and/or foot pain. While still functional, the body is not meant to carry weight in this warped state.

How can misalignments be corrected? Since the bones of your feet are permanent structures and the sidewalks, concrete and wooden floors are non-resilient, a new walking surface will need to be created for the feet. How is this done? Using Custom Orthotics. If a custom orthotic is applied to the case from before, the orthotic would work to restore the arch back into the foot. As a result the knee and the pelvis would return to normal position and the spine would come back to neutral. With the body now structurally where it should be, it can carry weight and forces pain free.

At Edgar Family Chiropractic in downtown Burlington, our chiropractor can assess your feet and recommend as well as make the appropriate custom orthotics for your feet.


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