Tips for Keeping Your Back Healthy While Gardening: Part 2

Tips for Keeping your Back Healthy While Gardenin

In this video, Dr. Maja Edgar continues to give tips on how to save your back while having fun in your garden. One of the main reasons why people end up seeing their chiropractor after gardening is because they spend too much time bent over in one position. When you are bent over for long periods of time, it causes the muscles and ligaments to overstretch. This weakens the muscles and other soft tissues (like ligaments) and makes them vulnerable to injury. The soft tissues such as our muscles and ligaments are responsible for stabilizing our bones and joints and if they are not doing their job (because they are overstretched), then this can ultimately lead to an injury in our joints as well. All of this results in lots of inflammation and pain.

One way to avoid overstretching your soft tissues is to avoid being in one position too long or repetitively doing one action. Using different types of tools can help to make sure that you are not overloading your muscles. For example, knee pads or foam can help you to get into a kneeling position, a stool can help you to sit a bit more comfortably while planting and long handle weeder can help to keep you more upright so that you are not performing repetitive bending.

If you start to feel sore while gardening, it is very important to stop and wait 24 hours to see how you feel. If you still feel pain and discomfort, give your chiropractor a call and see if they can assess the injury and treat it.

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Drs. Maja and Cameron are chiropractors and clinic owners in downtown Burlington. They work with a great team of physiotherapists and massage therapists and often see patients after gardening injuries in the spring time and early summer. They are able to assess the injury and properly treat the root cause of it. The treatment usually involves muscles therapy, joint mobilizations, exercise prescription and advice on how to avoid further injury.


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