We are Pleased to Announce that we are Now Carrying Bauerfeind Professional Bracing

Custom Brace

We are Pleased to Announce that we are Now Carrying Bauerfeind Professional Bracing

We are so excited to announce that we are now carrying Bauerfeind professional bracing! We hand- picked this German company because it has won many awards for the quality of their products and their commitment to innovation and research. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, these braces help to assist with a variety of conditions such as tendonitis, inflammation, osteoarthritis and many more!

Custom Brace

Is wearing a brace a good thing?

A popular question we get with regards to bracing is “Is it good to immobilize a joint or muscle and could this lead to muscle wasting (i.e. If you don’t use it, you lose it)?” This is a valid concern and one of the main reasons we picked Bauerfeind bracing. This company prides itself on making state of the art braces that are flexible and designed specifically to be used DURING active rehabilitation. Wearing these braces in combination with treatment and rehabilitation leads to quicker recovery and increased mobility! It allows some patients to avoid degenerative changes and surgery by preventing further injury to a joint or muscle.

Custom Brace

Here are just a few examples of the available braces:

Low Back Brace – This brace stabilizes the lower back and relieves pain by promoting correct posture. Great for anyone suffering from chronic low back pain, osteoarthritis or post- surgery.

Knee Brace – If you are experiencing pain, irritation or swelling in your knee(s), this brace helps redistribute the compression to the surrounding soft tissues and muscles! Great for anyone with a patellar tracking problem (patello-femoral syndrome), osteoarthritis, ligament and meniscal injury or post-surgery.

Elbow Brace – The elbow brace provides active support for strain relief and helps resolve spasms by redistributing compression to surrounding soft tissues. Mainly used for tendonitis such as “tennis elbow”.

Pregnancy Belt – A life saver for moms-to-be! This belt stabilizes and relieves pressure on the lower back and pelvis by distributing weight evenly and promoting blood flow!


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