Phases of Care

When you experience an injury it is not only important to receive treatment as soon as possible but to become educated on how the process of healing unfolds. Visiting a top Burlington Chiropractor, such as Edgar Family Chiropractic, can be both a therapeutic and education experience. Although the length of time it takes to mend may vary depending on the injury and person, there are typically always three phases of healing.

The first phase, the Inflammatory Phase, involves the area around the injury to become red and swollen. This is the body’s natural instinct to protect itself from any further injury. Visiting your Burlington Chiropractor during this phase can shorten the time in which you experience discomfort.  Inflammation can last anywhere from two to four days, depending on how soon you seek treatment.

The second phase, the Repair Phase, involves your body creating and healing tissue, therefore it is extremely vulnerable to re-injury. Muscles and tissues are still sore at this point so it is important to get them moving in order to have a full range of motion. Visiting your chiropractor can ensure that you are moving correctly and safely to avoid further injury to the area.

The last phase is the Remodeling Phase. Your injury may appear and feel as though it has completely healed however it is very important to continue to work on strengthening and mobilizing the new tissue growth. Visiting your chiropractor every few weeks for a maintenance check-up is the perfect way to support the progress you have made whilst avoiding further injury.

Visiting a top Burlington chiropractor, such as Edgar Family Chiropractic, can guide you through the three stages of healing and educate you on the do’s and don’t of managing an injury and pain.


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