Chiropractic is the Best Treatment Option for Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common complaint for many when they visit their family physicians; however, new guidelines have been released by the American College of Physicians regarding treatment for back pain.

These guidelines emphasize that non-drug therapies, such as Chiropractic, must be the primary source of care for a patient. A medical doctor must recommend alternative therapies rather than invasive surgeries or prescription medication. A lower back pain chiropractor will select treatment plans with the fewest harms and lowest costs as opposed to pharmacologic therapies or surgery.

A back pain chiropractor will use gentle spinal manipulation, mobilization, stretching and other modalities such as acupuncture and ultra-sound to treat lower back pain. A chiropractor may also make recommendations for the do’s and don’ts at home so you may continue repair, heal and prevent further strain even after leaving the clinic.

Acute lower back pain can typically last for approximately four weeks, whereas chronic back pain may last for twelve weeks or more. A back pain chiropractor has the tools and training to treat both scenarios non-invasively and return a patient to their optimum level of comfort and mobility. Treatments such as drug therapies and surgery may not be permanent and put a heavy strain on the health care system, therefore chiropractic is considered the most effective and efficient form of treatment for lower back pain.


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