How to Shovel Snow without Hurting Yourself

Snow Shoveling

The dead of winter is here! Snow falls turn the scenery into a winter wonderland. While it may look beautiful, to some the snow may instill feelings of dread and anxiety. Winter season is shoveling season. We often injure ourselves while attempting to clear heavy shovel-loads of snow. Here are a few tips to keep you save so you can enjoy winter this year.

Choose Your Equipment Wisely

Sometimes, bigger isn’t better—especially when it comes to snow shovels. Look for one that is lightweight and designed for pushing snow. Try out a couple ergonomic shovel to see what fits you best. As well, dress to prevent slips and falls. Wear footwear with good tread. Removable ice cleats are available at most shoe and hardware stores and are easily attached to the bottom of any type of shoe.

Warm Up and Stretch

Get your muscles warmed up and loose to prepare your body for the work ahead. A quick stretches such as side bends, squats and bringing the knees to the chest will help open up the low back and prepare the legs for lifting and bending.

Don’t Do the Twist

Always try to avoid twisting motions while lifting up the heavy shovel or reaching/pushing. Many back tweaks occur this way. Keep the back straight! Use your legs and arms to bend and lift.

Take a Break

The snow isn’t going anywhere! Take a break when needed. Sit down and grab a drink of water.

Safety Tips At A Glance

  • Choose Proper Equipment
  • Warm Up and Stretch
  • Push, Don’t Twist
  • Bend Your Knees, Not Your Back
  • Take Breaks

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