How Can Orthotics and Chiropractic Care Help You Heal?

Custom Orthotics Burlington

Orthotics: A Brief Introduction

Orthotics are externally applied devices (inserted into shoes) that are custom designed for the feet in order to help reduce pain, increase mobility, and control biomechanical alignment, to name a few. Orthotics in Burlington can provide arch support and realign the structures of the feet and legs. It can also help to prevent muscle and tendon fatigue. Good chiropractors in Burlington are able to diagnose foot disorders, fit people for their orthotics and provide orthotics that can be used to correct structural deformities. But before diving into the subject of Orthotics, let us discuss some important aspects of foot care.

Foot Care And The Importance Of Arches

The feet are the foundation of the body, but we tend to neglect their well-being. If we don’t take care of our feet properly, it will negatively affect the overall functionality of the body. Poor health of the feet can lead to knee, hip, and back pain.

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In total, there are three arches in our feet. These are the medial, lateral, and transverse arches. All of them work together to help the bones in the feet to work properly. The reason why these arches are important is that they aid in balancing the weight of our body and maintaining propulsion while walking and running. The stability of the leg, thigh bones, hips, pelvis, and spine are all dependent on the arches of the feet. That is why chiropractors in Burlington emphasize the significance of regular foot care.

Custom Orthotics

Keep The Arches Balanced To Avoid Pain

It is crucial to keep the three arches balanced to avoid pain. When the balance is maintained, the biochemical forces going through our joints are also balanced. Stress is reduced through the kinetic chain that goes from the feet to the head. But if the arches are dysfunctional, then you may experience pain and tiredness in your feet. Other parts of your body, like your knees and hips, can also feel tired and weak due to this issue.

Custom Orthotics In Burlington

There are a few good chiropractors in Burlington that provide custom orthotics. They come in a variety of styles and can fit according to the specific requirements of your body and feet. This customization is done after a thorough initial assessment with the chiropractor. The chiropractor will diagnose any issues with your feet that may be causing problems and injuries and will recommend a specific type of orthotic to be worn. They will also measure and do a mold of your foot and provide this information to a lab that will make the custom orthotic. The chiropractor will then dispense the orthotic and ensure that it will be a proper fit.

Some conditions that can be treated with custom orthotics in Burlington are Plantar Fasciitis, Shin Splints, Metatarsalgia, Achilles Tendonitis, Ankle Instability (Rolled ankles), Diabetic Foot Problems, Flat Feet, Hammer Toes, etc.

There are sport-specific orthotics for those people who are regularly engaged in some kind of sport and want to enhance their performance. Sports orthotics are usually used in running shoes. Casual orthotics are used in some ‘orthotic friendly’ shoes, and dress orthotics are used in dressier work shoes. The right kind of orthotics in Burlington will ensure your maximum comfort while helping you improve your overall wellness.

The Benefits of Orthotics In Burlington

Custom orthotics in Burlington has several benefits. One of the benefits is that they reduce the risk of an injury. When your feet and ankles are better supported, it is less likely for you to experience an injury like a fracture or a sprain. The orthotics provide more stable support for your feet and legs.

Another benefit of orthotics is that they can increase your level of comfort during your workout sessions. This allows you to try a more challenging exercise regime, and there will be a lesser chance for you to experience any discomfort or strain.

Orthotics Burlington

You won’t have to worry about the visibility of these orthotics. They can be designed to precisely fit your feet, and you can easily hide them in your shoes.

Additionally, the customization feature allows orthotics to be useful for treating complex physical conditions that only you may be experiencing.

Orthotics can enhance your overall physical performance as the even distribution of your weight across the surface of your feet will improve your balance. Better feet protection, motion control, shock absorption, and reduced muscle fatigue will make you physically stronger. If you are an athlete, these benefits may also improve your athletic performance.


Chiropractic care and orthotics in Burlington can help you heal in many ways. They can provide arch support and realign the structures of your feet and legs. The right kind of treatment can be used to correct structural deformities and improve function and performance. It can help you to reduce the pain in your feet, legs, knees, back, and hips. Most importantly, orthotics can be customized to fit the specific needs of your body and provide stable support for the long run. This can improve your overall physical performance and make you feel more confident about yourself.


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