How to get back into a fitness routine… safely!



Before you start: Consult your MD/ Chiropractor – Heart issues? Injuries? These are things you need to be aware before you start a new exercise routine. These health care providers can educate you on how to safely get back into activity.

Make a plan! Set a schedule and stick to it! Lay out your clothes the night before and prepare your gym bag. Don’t forget to get the right footwear! Consulting your Chiropractor about Custom sports orthotics for your shoes can be a proactive step in taking care of your body.

Start small. Don’t rush it! Too much too quickly can cause injury… Start with moderate cardio 3x a week and resistance training 2x a week with 2 rest days in between for muscles to recover. Remember that rest is part of any workout plan—beginner, intermediate, or advanced! Incorporating chiropractic or massage may also help in muscle repair and pain you may be experiencing. Know your limits and when to stop… Pain, dizziness, and/ or cramps are all signs that your body needs a break.

Important! – Don’t forget to stretch, warm-up and cool-down!

Fitness Tips

Get a workout buddy! Finding someone with similar fitness goals as you is a great form of motivation!

Fuel your body with the right snacks and water! Water is so important for your muscles, especially if you want them to burn fat, repair, and grow. Don’t starve them!

Most importantly…be kind to yourself. Remember how good your physical activity makes you feel, whether it be a work out at the gym or a sport. Don’t focus on how to fit you used to be and set a realistic time frame for yourself, you’ll get there!


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