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January is a time when people are getting back into their gym routines and it is very important that they return safely in order to avoid injury. Our doctors were interviewed by Tim Bolen of CHCH on how to safely return to working out and stay healthy through movement. If you would like to learn how to avoid back pain, knee pain and shoulder pain as you return to the gym, then you have to check out this video!


How to get back into a fitness routine… safely!


Before you start: Consult your MD/ Chiropractor – Heart issues? Injuries? These are things you need to be aware before you start a new exercise routine. These health care providers can educate you on how to safely get back into activity.

Make a plan! Set a schedule and stick to it! Lay out your clothes the night before and prepare your gym bag. Don’t forget to get the right footwear! Consulting your Chiropractor about Custom sports orthotics for your shoes can be a proactive step in taking care of your body.

Start small. Don’t rush it! Too much too quickly can cause injury… Start with moderate cardio 3x a week and resistance training 2x a week with 2 rest days in between for muscles to recover. Remember that rest is part of any workout plan—beginner, intermediate, or advanced! Incorporating chiropractic or massage may also help in muscle repair and pain you may be experiencing. Know your limits and when to stop… Pain, dizziness, and/ or cramps are all signs that your body needs a break.

Important! – Don’t forget to stretch, warm-up and cool-down!

Fitness Tips

Get a workout buddy! Finding someone with similar fitness goals as you is a great form of motivation!

Fuel your body with the right snacks and water! Water is so important for your muscles, especially if you want them to burn fat, repair, and grow. Don’t starve them!

Most importantly…be kind to yourself. Remember how good your physical activity makes you feel, whether it be a work out at the gym or a sport. Don’t focus on how to fit you used to be and set a realistic time frame for yourself, you’ll get there!


Now Our Clinic Offers a Cervical Roll Pillow, Water Pillow and the New Envy Pillow!

A lot of people think that waking up with neck stiffness is a normal thing… it’s not! If you wake up with neck discomfort, you might not be using the right pillow. Do this simple test when you wake up: tilt your head forward, do you feel pain? If you do, your pillow may be to blame. Our busy days put stress on our joints and muscles so sleeping should be a time for repair and healing, that is IF you’re using a proper pillow, otherwise, you’re just causing more trauma! An easy way to test if your pillow is right for you is by laying on your side and checking that your neck and body are aligned with your head, if not, your pillow may be too high or too low.


Finding the perfect pillow is like finding the perfect mattress, it takes a bit of trial and error… and that is why Edgar Family Chiropractic in Burlington has some options for you. The clinic offers a cervical roll pillow, a water pillow, and the (NEW!) Envy Pillow!

The Canadian- made Envy Pillow was created by Registered Nurse, Kathy Young Keefe. The magic in this pillow is that it provides two levels of support that cradle the head and neck! The elevated pattern in the center distributes your weight and the pressure on your joints to align your spine which may help reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain. The memory foam material is dye free, dust mite resistant, latex free, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic. The Envy pillow and our other pillows help with headaches, jaw pain, temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) pain, pins and needles, numbness, CPAP machine discomfort, fibromyalgia and even snoring! If you are worried about committing to a pillow before you like it, Edgar Family Chiropractic will lend you any one of our pillows to try out at home; and if you don’t like it, then you may try another!


Did You Hear That We Are Now A Baby Box Co. Distributor!

About the Baby Box Co.

The Baby Box Co. distributes boxes inspired by maternity packages that the Finnish government has been sending to all expectant mothers for over 75 years. This adorable box comes with a mattress (so the box acts as a bassinet) and it also includes a “Swag bag” which includes some baby supplies (diapers, wipes, onesie, etc.) to get you started! Not only are these boxes adorable, but they are also a great way to promote safe sleeping practices during your baby’s first few months! And the best part is that they are now totally FREE and available to all Ontario mommies!

Baby Box

How to Get Yours

In order to be eligible for a baby box, all you need to do is complete a 10-minute online educational program through Baby Box University that was developed to help new parents learn all about pregnancy and parenting. There are modules to help inform expectant mothers on everything from safe sleeping practices to raising awareness about endemic problems in the community, such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Upon completion you will be rewarded a Certificate which is all you will need to pick up your box! Have it printed (or show us on your phone) and bring it into our clinic to collect the box. Just be sure to call (289-337-1202) or email ( us first to arrange a pick-up time!

baby box

To get your Baby Box, you must register here:


Burlington Reader’s Choice 2017 Winners in Five Categories

Thank You for selecting Edgar Family Chiropractic on Pearl a WINNER IN FIVE CATEGORIES!

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We are grateful for your support and will continue to provide you with highest quality of care.

Burlington Readers Choice Award


Do You Have Text Neck?

Text Neck: What Is It?

Text neck is a term that is used to describe the neck pain and damage that is sustained from constantly looking down at a cell phone or tablet too frequently for too long. As you are constantly in a head hung forward posture, this causes overuse and repetitive stress on certain muscles of the neck and upper back. This becomes very concerning, as mobile technology is becoming more and more widespread. Because people are spending an increasing amount of time on their handheld devices like smartphones, e-readers, and computer tablets, text neck is quickly becoming a growing health concern and can potentially affect millions worldwide!


So how common is text neck? A recent study indicated that almost 80% of the population between the ages of 18 and 44 have their cell phones with them all of the time.! That is, with only 2 hours of their time awake during the day without their cell phone on hand… So no wonder text neck is becoming the next new epidemic!

Why Do We Care?

When people use their mobile devices, they are stuck in an unnatural posture of looking down for a prolonged period of time. This can lead to tightness across the shoulders as well as soreness in the neck and even chronic headaches. Now this awkward posture can be seen in different scenarios other than when using mobile devices like reading a book etc. but what makes mobile devices worse is that our generation is becoming addicted to them. It is just one more added activity that is greatly contributing to the problem!

So why does this posture lead to such detrimental side effects? Well, this is because the more you crane your neck, the more weight your neck has to carry! Take for example the image to the right… by the time you crane your neck forward 45 degrees, it is forced to support approximately 49 lbs. compared the average 12 lbs. that your head actually weighs!! This tells us that for every 15 degrees your head sits forward, you add the weight of another head onto your neck and spine. No wonder there is so much pain associated with text neck!

Symptoms of Text Neck

  • Chronic upper back pain or muscle spasms
  • Shoulder pain and tightness
  • In the case of a pinched cervical nerve, neurological symptoms can radiate down the arm and into the hand

What Can You Do at Home?

  • Make sure to take frequent breaks! Since text neck is a repetitive stress injury, it can be easily prevented by taking breaks from your mobile device. Make sure to take breaks from this posture every 15 minutes by looking up with the neck in a neutral position.
  • Try to hold your mobile device up higher so that it is at eye level. This will ensure that your neck stays neutral and will therefore reduce or even eliminate the extra stress on the spine.
  • Take part in posture oriented activates such as yoga or Pilates which encourage proper alignment of the body and spine.
  • Simply pay attention to how much you are using your mobile devices!

Helpful Exercise!

Try rolling your shoulders back, while performing a “chin tuck”. When doing a chin tuck correctly, you will feel like you are giving yourself a double chin! This will help to re-set your posture and help to protect you against the repetitive strain experienced as we use our mobile devices!

See Image Below!

Text Neck


Burlington Reader’s Choice 2016 Winners

Another year, another award. This year we added to the awards winning top spot for our Massage Therapist, Tara. Again we came in the top three spots for Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. As I have said before, this more shows how great our patients are because without them voting, we wouldn’t be nominated and winning year after year. From everyone here at the clinic, a HUGE thank you to everyone that voted and for making our jobs very easy to come to each day.

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