How Can I Fix My Posture?


This is a question that we answer many times throughout the day and we enjoy answering it because there is a definitive solution to correcting posture.

We say ‘definitely” but not easy. To improve your posture there are several steps that need to happen. You need to have good muscle flexibility, you need to have good motion in your joints, you need to have strong postural muscles and a balance of muscles on both sides on the spine and finally, you need to have awareness of your posture and how to correct it.

As chiropractors, we are best suited to take your through each step of the process. Since we are musculoskeletal specialists, it means we can work with you to correct muscular imbalances that can include muscles that are too tight or too weak or muscles that have scar tissue in them as a result of a previous injury. We are also able to assess the integrity and motion of your joints to make sure they are moving well. We use a variety of techniques to accomplish the above.

When all the hands-on corrections are completed, we do an in-depth analysis of which muscles need to be strengthened and which need to be stretched in order to create an individualized “exercise program” to ensure your posture will improve. Most of the programs are tailored to busy schedules and try to incorporate small modifications and light stretches that can be done throughout the day so that they are easier to complete. Too many exercises that are difficult in nature do not yield good results and often people will stop doing them. But small modifications and easy exercises that can be done throughout the day (at your desk, in the car, while washing dishes etc) will be the ones that will stick with people for longer periods of time. We find that once our patients understand why they have poor posture and once they are given the tools as to how to correct it, they are always successful. The awareness of what poor posture is and how to correct is something that helps patients for the rest of their life because once the awareness is created; it is hard to go back to having poor posture.

Dr. Maja Edgar and Dr. Cameron Edgar are a husband and wife team of chiropractors working at Edgar Family Chiropractic in Burlington Ontario. They believe in a multi-modal approach to treatment that includes muscle therapy, joint mobilizations, use of physiotherapy modalities (including medical acupuncture) and exercise prescription to bring balance and #healing to the body. They treat conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, Migraine Headache Treatment, sports injuries, arthritic conditions, and chronic pain among many others. They are also joined in their clinic by a professional team consisting of a Registered Massage Therapist (Laura Crino) and a Naturopathic Doctor (Dr. Andrea Maxim). For further questions, they can be reached at their clinic at 289-337-1202.


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