Back to School Checklist

Tips for Buying Shoes

Send your kids back to school with happy feet by following these helpful tips!

What is the first step?

Make sure that the shoe store offers to measure.
A proper fitting shoe means less wear and tear, and more comfort for your child throughout the day.

What to look for in a shoe?

  • A firm heel cup to hold the foot straight and prevent it from leaning inwards or outwards
  • Cushioning at the back of the heel to minimize the need for “breaking in the shoe”
  • A fastening which holds the foot in the shoe i.e. straps or laces
  • A flexible sole to allow the shoe to bend as your child plays and walks throughout the day
  • Arch support particularly for younger children to avoid flat feet

The shoes to avoid!

  • Ballet flats/Converse/TOMS – These are too flat and don’t offer enough support
  • High Heels – These can force your child’s weight on their toes, causing the arches across the front of their feet to collapse
  • lip-on – These allow feet to slip forward causing pressure on the toes

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