All-Natural Immune Support Clinic Starting September!

Immune Support

The Maxim Movement
We know that your immune system is just about the MOST important thing right now, so why not do what you can to support it and make it stronger?

Let’s not miss anymore school days… work days… living life days…

These all-natural, homeopathic-based, oral immune supports are not guaranteed to prevent the cold/flu, but it does make your symptoms a LOT less and the recovery time a LOT faster if you get symptoms at all.

Last year we did over 700 immune support visits and these families would tell us things like-

“Everyone else around me is dropping like flies and I feel ok”
“My son caught that bug that everyone else had, but was only sick for 12-hours. His friends were throwing up and away from school for days!”

What are the active ingredients in the shot?

It is a homeopathic medicine containing a blend of echinacea, baptisia and lymphatic herbs to help strengthen the immune system and clear congestion.

What’s the immune-boosting protocol?

1 ( 5min visit) every month from now until March.

How is it administered?

Orally through a syringe

How much does it cost?

$22 which can be directly billed to your insurance company. All new patients require a 15min acute visit to onboard then 5min follow-ups at $22 thereafter (that can also be directly billed through insurance as a visit).

–> Go to INSTA: @themaximmovement to see our latest video on the all-natural immune supports!!

Let’s get ahead of the game this year!

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