A Treat for Your Feet

Custom Orthotics

Suffering from foot and back pain? Orthotics might be the right thing for you!

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are a custom-made prescribed medical appliance that fits inside a person’s shoe. Orthotics provide extra support for your feet and body. They work o realign the feet, ankles and knees. The feet act as a foundation that we stand on. Just like how a house with a crooked foundation creates crooked walls, if the feet are out of alignment, it can have affects up the legs and into the back. Because of this, often times patients with low back pain benefit from orthotics.

The Perfect Pair

Orthotics are used as the insole for your shoes. They are very versatile and can be placed in protective footwear, dress shoes, running shoes, soccer cleats, skates and children’s shoes. Where you go, your orthotics go! Orthotics work best when paired with a sturdy, stable shoe. Using a poor quality shoe is like putting poor quality tires on a sports car—you compromise the performance. Look for shoes that resist twisting, folding and bending.

How Can I Get Orthotics?

Your local Chiropractor can fit you for Orthotics! Here at Edgar Family Chiropractic, chiropractors are trained to assess your walking patterns and posture to see if custom orthotics would be a benefit for you.

Book a custom orthotics fitting at your next appointment!

Orthotic Shoes
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